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Welcome to _glook's Crappy Website!

Yessir (or madam, although statistically this is somewhat unlikely), this is my site. It's pretty crappy and barren. But that's JUST how I like it! Also, it's not finished! There are many things without pages! I may be a little lazy!


My OLD Crappy Website - From when I was in middle school. It's pretty crappy, but it has pretty pictures!

My crappy Programs and Games - These are random programs I have made or have made with my freinds. They range from QBasic to other stuff, including Java (and stuff). Most of them are unfinished!

My crappy MUGEN Page - It's pretty crappy!

My GCARS Stuff - This is stuff I have done for GCARS, a program that lets you play Gamecube games online!

My crappy Ouedan Translations with Pictures - It's neither complete nor easy to read because I didn't put outlines on the text! Hooray for me!

My crappy Things I Made for IGN - I guess I should be exhaustive?

My crappy Other Things, Like Things I May Have Done For School Or Clubs I May Have Been Part Of At One Point Or Another - I participated in things at one point or another?

My crappy About Me Page - I have a bit of an ego! I may be a bit of a jerk?


You say you don't think I'm amusing? Then here are some people who are!
Dinosaur Comics

Hooray for people who brighten our days!



Thank you, Tripod, for not deleting my webspace after all of these years! You guys are awesome!
Thank you, FileFront, for having such an awesome service for hosting my stuff! Coolios!


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