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Amy Rose Character

So, basically I decided one day that I liked Amy's gameplay in Sonic Advance so much that I wanted a MUGEN character to exist. So I took Cyanide's Amy and added some stuff from MugenHunter's Amy and then I changed a bunch of stuff but I wasn't happy with that and I added stuff to it and now it has a bunch of stuff in it that may not be completely my own work I don't know it just sort of happened.

It is probably buggy and unbalanced! How lame is that?! But I released it (with Cyanide's and MugenHunter's express permission(s?)) because I wanted to find out what they (those pesky problems) were! Am I taking advantage of your time to get free beta testing? Maybe! I may be a bit of an a-hole!

I think you might want some screenshots , no?
Well here they are!!!!!





Hooray for screenshots!

You say you want Youtube videos?
I'm happy to oblige!
First Showcase When I First Made It!
Second Showcase at about 80% Complete
Version 1 Complete Complete
Version 1, No AI CPU Match
Version 1, With AI CPU Match
Version 1, Newer AI CPU Match
Version 2, CPU Match
Version 2, CPU Match 2
Version 3, Chibi Version CPU Match
Version 3, Regular Version CPU Match

You say you're tired of me and just want to download the character?
Okay, here you go! Pick your favorite choice(s)!
FULL Version, Including Storyboards (26.57 MiB)
WITHOUT Storyboards 4.56 MB

Do you want to comment on this character and maybe give me feedback that I so desperatly desire?
Then click here, my friend! You should maybe sign up at their forum! It's super neat!
Also, maybe go to my Mugen Infantry post if you so choose.

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